Carma S.

McNair Agency is the best, always helpful and accommodating. I’m glad you are still my insurance agency.

M & M Natural Jazz

McNair Agency is Great.

A few years ago I was in the process of looking for a new agency/agent for my business because my current person was retiring. It turned out to be really good fortune for me that Sam had moved home and was building his client base . He came in to see if I wanted to see what he had to offer and we sat down and went over my existing policy and needs. He was very helpful in explaining the confusing world of insurance language. I chose to make several changes to update and went with the McNair Agency for my insurance needs. I say it was really good fortune because about a year later after two terrible hail and rain storms that devastated my store I was very happy to have Sam’s support and the backing of McNair Agency to make it possible to put things back together and reopen after almost three months of needing to be closed. I do believe people come into your life at the right times and am very grateful Sam walked into the store when he did.

I know the McNair Agency has insurance to cover most needs from business, car, home, farm because we are also covered for these things with them. I would highly recommend you talk to Pat, Alex or Sam or have one of the girls get you to the right place.